Management of voice disorders and its therapeutic interventions

Quaid e Azam International Hospital has always encouraged educational activities and provided platform for the professional growth.

On 3rd March 2018, one such event was held. Here the trainers were trained on voice disorders and its managements and therapeutic interventions. Evidence based practice was promoted and cutting edge techniques for the practice were introduced.

The very worthy resource person Ms. Sadaf Noveen conducted the workshop with her unsurpassed skills. Ms. Sadaf Noveen practices at NIRM (National Institute of Rehabilitation and Medicine). She is a PhD scholar of rehabilitation science and one of the very first speech therapist of Pakistan.

A big strength of professionals from all over Pakistan attended the workshop. These professionals were ENT doctors, special educationist, psychologist and speech therapists themselves.

At the end of the event the chief guest had joined the session. Dr Shaukaat Ali Bangesh, the C.E.O and founder of Quaid e Azam International Hospital, was the chief guest. He said few encouraging words and extended his corporation towards the field of speech therapy. He highlighted the importance of speech therapy in hospital settings. That was the reason it was made a part of Q.I.H from the very first year of its beginning.  

This event was organized by speech/swallow & language department of QIH. The head of department Ms. Amina Imran was hosted the event.

The workshop ended after long hours of training. At the end of the session the participants had ample amount of professional gains, for which it was planned. The event was a very promising one and more such events are looked forward to from speech/swallow & language department.

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